Artist Spotlight interview with Oronde Kairi

Artist Spotlight interview with Oronde Kairi

Artist Spotlight Interview with Oronde Kairi – Capturing Emotions through Art

[Interviewer]: Good day, readers! Today, we're thrilled to have the renowned international visual artist, Oronde Kairi, join us for an insightful conversation about his journey, his classic masterpiece "In Daddy’s Hands," and the meaningful impact it has had. Welcome, Oronde!

[Oronde Kairi]: Thank you for having me. It's a pleasure to be here and share my story.

[Interviewer]: To begin, can you tell us about the inspiration behind "In Daddy’s Hands"?

[Oronde Kairi]: Absolutely. "In Daddy’s Hands" was inspired by the profound beauty of fatherhood and the special moments shared between a father and his daughter. I wanted to capture the tenderness, love, and care that a father displays while doing his daughter's hair. It's a universal image that resonates with people regardless of their background.

[Interviewer]: Your artwork has certainly made a lasting impact. Could you share more about its journey from creation to becoming a beloved print?

[Oronde Kairi]: Certainly. "In Daddy’s Hands" was created two decades ago, and I chose to self-publish it as a print. It's amazing how the image has stood the test of time, still touching people's hearts today. It was even featured on the cover of LA’s "Our Weekly," which brought it to a wider audience.

[Interviewer]: The image garnered significant attention when actress Lisa Raye reposted it on Facebook. Can you tell us about that moment?

[Oronde Kairi]: Yes, that was an unexpected and exciting turn of events. Lisa Raye dedicated the image to all fathers, and her repost received an overwhelming response with over a hundred thousand likes and comments. It was a missed opportunity in the sense that if she had reached out to me, we could have collaborated and both benefited from the exposure.

[Interviewer]: That's an interesting perspective. How do you think collaborations like that could have enhanced the impact of your work?

[Oronde Kairi]: Collaborations with well-known personalities like Lisa Raye can significantly amplify the reach and impact of an artwork. By leveraging their influence and audience, we could have both brought more attention to the message of the piece while also benefiting from the exposure. It's a reminder of the potential that collaboration holds within the artistic community.

[Interviewer]: "In Daddy’s Hands" continues to thrive despite the missed opportunity. What do you attribute to its enduring appeal?

[Oronde Kairi]: I believe the universal themes of love, family, and connection resonate with people across cultures and generations. The image captures a heartfelt moment that everyone can relate to, and that's what gives it its timeless appeal.

[Interviewer]: What's next for Oronde Kairi? Are there any upcoming projects or themes you'd like to explore through your art?

[Oronde Kairi]: I'm currently focusing on the Legendary Stature Series, which will open in Portland, Oregon, at the Brassworks gallery in the spring of 2024. This series is a 15-piece lighthearted tribute to the anatomy of legendary basketball players. I'm excited to explore this unique theme and share it with the world.

[Interviewer]: That sounds intriguing. Before we conclude, is there any advice you'd like to share with emerging artists who aspire to create meaningful and impactful art?

[Oronde Kairi]: Certainly. My advice would be to stay true to your vision and passion. Create art that resonates with your own emotions and experiences, because that authenticity is what truly connects with others. And don't hesitate to seize opportunities for collaboration – they can open doors you might never have imagined.

[Interviewer]: Thank you, Oronde Kairi, for sharing your insights and experiences with us. Your journey and your art are truly inspiring. We look forward to seeing your future creations, especially the Legendary Stature Series, and the impact they'll make.

[Oronde Kairi]: Thank you for having me. It's been a pleasure to share my story with your readers.

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