“A View From Behind”

“A View From Behind”


Interviewer: Hello, Oronde Kairi! Thank you for joining us today. Your series, "A View From Behind," seems like a playful take on the interruptions you experience while scrolling through Instagram. Could you tell us a bit more about how the idea for this series came about?

Oronde Kairi: Hi there! Thanks for having me. The idea for "A View From Behind" actually stemmed from those frequent interruptions I encountered while using Instagram. I noticed that amidst all the random posts, these images of voluptuous women wearing revealing outfits would pop up. It became quite amusing and made me wonder about the influence of these "IG models" on our daily lives. So, I decided to create my own artistic interpretation of these models and explore the humorous side of it all.

Interviewer: That's fascinating! It's great how you were able to transform those interruptions into something creative. Could you describe the particular painting you mentioned, where a voluptuous black woman is walking, viewed from behind, wearing a thong and clear heels with a censorship pattern covering her butt?

Oronde Kairi: Certainly! In this painting, I wanted to capture the essence of these IG models while infusing a touch of humor. The viewer sees a voluptuous black woman walking, but from behind. She's topless and wearing a thong with clear heels, which is a common attire seen in the realm of Instagram modeling. To add a playful twist, I used a censorship pattern, like the ones used on television to cover unpaid logos, to cover her butt. It's a cheeky way to address the sometimes-overwhelming presence of explicit content in our social media feeds.

Interviewer: That sounds like a clever way to address the subject matter. And in the next painting, you mentioned that her right arm is raised, holding the censorship pattern, revealing her thong-wearing bottom. How does that add to the narrative of the series?

Oronde Kairi: Ah, yes! In the second painting of the series, I wanted to further engage with the concept of censorship while maintaining the humorous tone. By raising her right arm, the model becomes an active participant in the censorship process. She holds the censorship pattern in her hand, allowing a glimpse of her thong-wearing bottom. This gesture symbolizes the idea that we have control over what we choose to reveal or conceal, both in our online presence and in our lives. It's a playful reminder that we have agency over our own narratives.

Interviewer: That's a thought-provoking aspect of the series, highlighting the power of choice and self-expression. Overall, what do you hope viewers take away from "A View From Behind"?

Oronde Kairi: My main intention with this series is to provide a lighthearted perspective on the prevalence of explicit content in our social media experiences. I want viewers to reflect on the influence of these images and question the impact they have on our perceptions of beauty and self-worth. By adding humor and playfulness, I aim to create a space for open dialogue and self-reflection. Ultimately, I hope that people find enjoyment in these paintings while also considering the broader themes they touch upon.

Interviewer: That's a wonderful goal, combining enjoyment with deeper contemplation. Before we wrap up, do you have any upcoming projects or exhibitions related to "A View From Behind" or any other artistic endeavors?

Oronde Kairi: Thank you! Currently, I'm in the process of preparing for a solo exhibition featuring the "A View From Behind" series. 

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