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Mr. Lee

Mr. Lee

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In "Mr. Lee," the artistic vision of Oronde Kairi comes to life in captivating monochromatic brilliance. The spotlight of the stage captures the essence of jazz legend Lee Morgan in a transformative moment. With an extreme C-curve in his posture, Lee's body seems to bend and sway with the rhythm, as if it's an extension of his music. It's a visual representation of the sheer energy emanating from his soul and transferring effortlessly through his horn.

Amidst this monochrome magic, a vivid burst of neon green socks draws the eye, a nod to Lee's vibrant personality and the electrifying energy he infused into his performances. The contrast is striking, symbolizing the pulse of his music against the backdrop of the dimly lit stage.

"Mr. Lee" is a testament to Oronde Kairi's ability to capture not just the physical form of a jazz icon but also the very essence of his musical spirit, making it a timeless masterpiece in the world of art and music.


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