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"In Oronde Kairi's evocative oil painting, the legendary Nina Simone takes center stage, a captivating fusion of artistry and emotion. She sits gracefully at the piano, her slender form adorned with long, connected earrings that sway with each note she plays. Simone is draped in a mesmerizing white fishnet outfit, exuding an aura of sensuality and power. As she gazes into the audience, her eyes tell stories of a lifetime of music and passion.

The backdrop of the painting is awash in rich burgundy and red hues, creating an atmosphere that is both sultry and soul-stirring. Nina's arms, delicate yet strong, frame the piano with an elegance that mirrors her music. Her fisted hand, resting on her lap, possesses a boldness reminiscent of a Jack Davis masterpiece. This painting not only captures the essence of Nina Simone but also the essence of her music—an unforgettable blend of raw emotion and enduring artistry."

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