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Oronde Kairi's remarkable painting, a departure from his signature style, captures the essence of Prince during his iconic 1999 era. In this vivid masterpiece, Prince is the central figure, exuding his magnetic charisma. Shirtless, he gazes intensely, locking eyes with the viewer in a classic Prince penetrating stare.

The backdrop is a mesmerizing, smokey purple room that seems to materialize from the haze, enveloping Prince like a mystic aura. Kairi's attention to detail is evident in the play of light and shadow, creating an atmosphere of both mystery and allure. The vivid purples and ethereal wisps of smoke add depth and dimension to the composition.

Kairi's unique approach in this painting preserves the brilliance of his stylistic work while offering a fresh perspective on an iconic figure. The juxtaposition of Prince's raw sensuality against the dreamlike ambiance makes this piece a timeless tribute to the legendary artist."

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