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scoring king

scoring king

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Scoring Champ" by international visual artist Oronde Kairi captures the essence of LeBron James's historic achievement in the NBA. In this loose and sketchy painting, LeBron stands tall with his back to the camera, his hands confidently resting on his hips. A striking sketchy crown adorns his head, symbolizing his undeniable reign over the basketball world.

The yellow Lakers jersey LeBron wears proudly displays the number 38,390, a testament to his remarkable feat as the new all-time NBA leader in scoring. The artwork exudes a sense of accomplishment and determination, with LeBron's silhouette radiating strength and resilience.

Kairi's masterful use of loose strokes and sketchy details infuses the painting with energy and dynamism, making it a visual tribute to LeBron's unparalleled legacy in the world of basketball. "Scoring Champ" stands as a captivating homage to a true sports legend.

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