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The working Hour

The working Hour

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The Working Hour" is a captivating masterpiece by international visual artist Oronde Kairi, a vivid tribute to the spirit of jazz and urban hustle. In this stunning painting, a mysterious figure, clad in a gray apple Jack hat, sunglasses, sports jacket, and blue jeans, takes center stage. He passionately serenades the city with his saxophone, his music resonating with the soul of the streets.

The heart of the composition lies in the mesmerizing Miles Davis mural that envelops the background. The brick wall comes to life with a tactile, glass bead texture, offering a tactile contrast to the smooth oil strokes elsewhere. Miles Davis, an icon of jazz, watches over the hustler's performance, bridging the gap between past and present.

At the hustler's feet, a can overflows with coins and dollars, a testament to a day's tireless work. "The Working Hour" captures the essence of urban jazz, the relentless pursuit of passion, and the harmonious blend of artistry and street life, making it a striking and evocative work of art that resonates with the soul.

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